Manjaro I3 Shortcut Cheatsheet


This is a cheatsheet that came along with the installation of Manjaro i3wm. I ported the PDF version to this Markdown format.

From the signature, the original author is oberon.

It is tedious for me to open helper PDF every time and resize it to my preference.

I hope this will help you navigating in the i3.

Welcome to manjaro i3!

The default mod-key is <Super> (Windows-key).

Look&Feel can be changed with Lxappearance.

For wallpaper selection use Nitrogen.

Audio: The default is Alsa with Volumeicon. If you’d like to use Pulseaudio (plus 32MB) please run install_pulse in a terminal to install all necessary packages and have your config adjusted automatically. This can be reverted by running rm_pulse.

Most important shortcuts

open new terminal window - mod+<Enter>

kill focused container - mod+<Shift>+q

open dmenu –mod+d

categorized menu ‘morc_menu’ - mod+z

tile vertically - mod+v

tile horizontally – mod+h

toggle split direction - mod+q

toggle floating - mod+<Shift>+Space

toggle fullscreen - mod+f

toggle sticky - mod+<Shift>+s

hide/show i3status-bar – mod+m

Application Shortcuts

Bmenu (CLI configuration tool) - mod+Ctrl+b

Webbrowser Palemoon(Open browser) - mod+F2

Filemanager Pcmanfm – mod+F3

Root Filemanager - mod+<Shift>+F3

Alsamixer (or Pavucontrol if you have upgraded to Pulseaudio) – mod+<Ctrl>+m

Musicplayer moc - mod+F5

Screenshot of whole screen - <Print>

Screenshot of focused container - mod+<Print>

Screenshot of selection - mod+<Shift>+<Print>

Switch off transparency (kill Compton) - mod+t

Switch transparency back on - mod+<Ctrl>+t

restart Dunst - mod+<Shift>+d

xkill – mod+<Ctrl>+x

change focus - mod+arrowkeys or mod+j,k,l,ö

change focus between tiling / floating windows - mod+space

move focused container - od+<Shift>+arrowkeys or mod+<Shift>+j,k,l,ö

move floating window with the mouse – hold down mod

switch to workspace number 1-8 - mod+1-8

navigate between workspaces - mod+<Ctrl>+<Right>/<Left>

send focused container to workspace number 1-8 - mod+<Ctrl>+1-8

move to workspace 1-8 with focused container - mod+<Shift>+1-8

workspace back-and-forth – mod+b

move container to workspace back-and-forth – mod+<Shift>+b

resize container - mod+r followed by arrowkeys or j,k,l,ö (or mod+)

(exit resize mode with <Enter> or <Esc>)

resize gaps – mod+<Shift>+g followed by o (outer gaps) / i (inner gaps) and + / - / 0

(exit gaps mode with <Enter> or <Esc>)

move focused container to scratchpad – mod+<Shift>+-

show (next) scratchpad window – mod+-

Change desktop behavior

stacking - mod+s

tabbed - mod+w

tiling / toggle split – mod+e

Change window borders

none - mod+u

2 pixels - mod+y

normal – mod+n

reload the configuration file - mod+<Shift>+c

restart i3 in-place - mod+<Shift>+r (preserves and reloads your session)

lock screen - mod+9

exit session - mod+0 and select:
(l)ock, (e)xit, (s)uspend, switch_(u)ser, (h)ibernate, (r)eboot, (+S)hutdown
(cancel with <Enter> or <Esc>)
exit i3 - mod+<Shift>+e (logs you out of your Xsession)

!! All i3 settings, can be edited in ~/.i3/config !!

HAVE FUN ! 8^}