Raspberry Pi Security Cam From Scratch: Attempting Facial Detection and Performance Bottlenecking [Part 4]

In this part, I will attempt to add a facial detection function in my security camera. Because I notice that there exist a real time facial detection library online. The end result for now is not satisfied by any means. I will try to improve this in the future. Installing OpenCV Note Install Python 3.5 for better compatibility. Please be aware with the version of OpenCV. I installed the OpenCV 4 in Raspberry in July 2020.

Raspberry Pi Security Cam From Scratch: Sending and Receiving Videos [Part 3]

This post will cover the basic function of the project, sending and receiving videos. I choose the official API for camera sending usage. My site also have a copy with a table of content that helps you navigate the content. It is a higher level implementation of OpenMAX. There is also a Python library for Pi camera that you can use. Save Video Locally Run raspivid --timeout 0 --bitrate 800000 --segment 10000 -v -a 4 -a %Y-%m-%d-%X --output video_%c.

Simple Bash Script for Monitoring Raspberry Pi Temperature

The following script will monitor Raspberry Pi temperature. #!/bin/bash while [ : ] do command=`/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp` echo $command sleep 3 done The script will print the temperature every 3 seconds. You can run vcgencmd measure_temp for one temperature check. Change sleep 3 to other number for different intervals.

Raspberry Pi Security Cam From Scratch: Setting Up Hardware and Software [Part 2]

Setting up Pi There are already many guide for this. I will briefly introduce the procedure here. Please look for other guide for troubleshooting. Go to the official website to download the Raspbian OS. You will download an imager burner. Connect your Pi to your PC via usb. Flash the image to your Pi. If you are doing headless setup. You will need to enable SSH in a config file. Please refer to other guide.

Raspberry Pi Security Cam From Scratch: Motivation and Hardwares [Part 1]

I wanted a security camera for a while. There are many reasons that I am insist building it. Of course, the primary reason is for fun. If you are looking for a complete product, there are some open source pi security projects built already. For example, the MotionEyeOS. I personally have not installed it, but you can check out the YouTube for other people’s review. I want my Pi run other tasks whiling serving as a security camera.

Forum Framework Recommendation: Discourse

Discourse is an open source forum framework. I found it is used in the forum I visited. I did an installation on the $5 Digital Ocean Droplet. Then I realize a lot of forums are using it by recognizing its optional styles. The official website is here. At first glance, the website does not mention self-hosting options. But in the “about” page, you will find the Github repository. Note on Digital Ocean Droplet The installation is extremely easy.