Manjaro I3 Shortcut Cheatsheet

Note This is a cheatsheet that came along with the installation of Manjaro i3wm. I ported the PDF version to this Markdown format. From the signature, the original author is oberon. It is tedious for me to open helper PDF every time and resize it to my preference. I hope this will help you navigating in the i3. Welcome to manjaro i3! The default mod-key is <Super> (Windows-key).

Setting Up Wireguard VPN in Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will help you setting up a Wireguard VPN on Raspberry Pi by using PiVPN installer. This article will use Raspberry Pi OS (Raspbian) for installation. The PiVPN site claims the installer will also work on Debian and Ubuntu.

I choose Wireguard over OpenVPN due to the convenience of connecting though QR code. In OpenVPN, you have to transfer security key via USB stick and some extra works to transfer it to a phone. However OpenVPN has the option with more encryption bits, but more encryption bits will cost more to compute and slow the transfer time. You can find out more in the PiVPN website.

I assume my audience have little background knowledge, so hope you can follow this without any problem. But I do not assume that you know how to type in the terminal.